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Strawberry Hearts Glass cup

Strawberry Hearts Glass cup

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Looking for a perfect Valentine's Day gift for your partner? Look no further than our Strawberry Heart Iced Coffee Glass! This glass cup boasts a beautiful and romantic design, featuring pink and red hues in the shape of a heart.

Crafted from high-quality glass, this cup is perfect for enjoying your favorite iced beverages. The lid and straw are separate, allowing you to customize the drinking experience to your liking.

Whether you're enjoying a morning iced coffee or sipping on an afternoon smoothie, this Strawberry Heart Iced Coffee Glass is sure to add an extra touch of love to your day. Don't settle for boring drinkware - upgrade your collection with this charming and unique glass cup!

What drinks can you drink in our cups

•Water !! Yes Water

• iced coffee (always a classic )

• smoothies

• Iced Tea


More Details 

Comes in two sizes 16oz and 20oz 

Buy it as a glass cup or with a lid and straw!

These cups make a great gift for all your friends, family and co workers 

Care Instructions:

Do not soak

Do not microwave

Do not put in the dishwasher

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